Plastic-injection Energy-saving System

WIN-PSS-IV Energy-saving system for injection machine

Power range

Voltage : 380V  Single-unit power : 0.7575kW

Application area

These series products are special energy-saving system for plastics injection machine.

Main feature

In practical production, over power margin is common and results in energy waste. The production process include mold clamping, mold locking, plastic injecting, pressure maintaining, plastic heating, cooling, mould sinking, etc. Needed power pressure and flow rate of each process varies. Especially for the light load, energy waste is more.

For plastics injecting machine of fixed capacity, the power source, pump motor, operates with constant speed to offer constant flow quantity. The excessive liquid pressure flows back through overflow valve. Simultaneously, long-term feedback flow will cause the violent friction between liquid pressure oil and components, which results in heating of oil and affect components\' durance.

This unit drives the oil pump motor according to the signal from the pressure-flow proportional value on the injection machine. It saves a lot of power energy with no compromise of fulfilling all the function of the system what’s more it overcomes all the above shortcomings. It is the imperative and ideal driving solution for the injection machine with dosing pump. Normally, energy-saving rate is above 20percent.

Advantages after use inverter to drive:

  • High energy saving rate:
    Save 30%~65% energy as shown in the figure.
  • Soft start of motor:
    Small impact to power network reduces the power transforming equipment capacity in application, reduce noise and improve working environment.
  • Improve power factor:
    Reduce wattles power consumption
  • High reliability:
    Release vibration and components wearing, reduce oil heat, prolong the lifespan of equipment and mould

Single Machine feature:

  • Vertical cross section is the same as wall hanging, take small space
  • Function of industrial frequency shunt circuit, keep production continue when accident
  • Simple operating, flexible and convenient