Oil Extractor Energy-saving System

WIN-PSS-ER\EP Energy-saving system for oil extractor

Power range

Voltage : 380V  Single-unit power : 18kW 75kW

Application area

These series products are special energy-saving system for oil extractor.

Main feature

  • It is a kind of Energy-saving control system with high efficiency and WIN-9E is its main part.
  • Adjust oil extractor's stroke frequency dynamically to save energy ideally
  • Although in a traditional way, the stroke can be adjusted by mechanics, the workload is huge and cannot satisfy the need of oil extractor. By high efficient frequency adjusting technology, control the pump with data acquired by micro computer; reduce the pumping frequency according to the shrink of oil amount under the well, increase pump efficiency to get higher output result.
  • Adjust dynamically the speed of up and down strokes to save energy and increase output
  • Together with micro processing technology, according to the tracing check and flow quantity check of motor load, adjust the up and down speed of each stroke(slowing down the down-stoke speed can increase the pumping oil amount, increase the up period can reduce the leaking parameter) to make the oil extractor work in the best state.