General Purpose Inverter

WIN-V60 Series General Purpose Inverter

Power range

220380V,3 phases, 0.25KW450kW

Application area

WIN-V60 Series inverter is a general purpose model. It is suitable for inertia load applications, potential load applications and other applications with high requirement on response time; It is also much applicable for pump and fan applications in power plants, iron & steel plants, mines, chemical plants, HVAC, etc.

Main feature

  • Constant pressure water supply software is standard, with constant pressure water supply card for option;
  • Static and rotary motor parameter autotuning;
  • 9 frequency reference sources for you option;
  • Frequency reference sources and Run command sources can be switched online, facilitating debugging and operation;
  • Using a pulse frequency reference source allows accurate synchronous control when one inverter is used to drive more than one motor.
  • The digital signal input terminals can receive both dry-contact signals and digital level signals, meeting the requirement of pump and fan applications;
  • 22 functions for input terminals and 10 functions for output terminals;
  • Allowing high frequency signal input (max.50KHz), and high frequency signal output (max. 50KHz);
  • Voltage/current analog input for option;
  • Voltage/current analog output for option, allowing monitoring on the output frequency, output current, etc;
  • 4-step speed can totally satisfy the speed adjustment requirement in pump and fan applications;
  • Droop function makes “one inverter to drive more motors” feasible;
  • AVR function;
  • Trip-free function upon momentary power loss;
  • Sound fault protection function and automatic current-limiting function;
  • 2 terminals for Inbuilt RS-485 communication port (MODBUS protocol);
  • 28 fault protection measures solidly protect the inverter and peripheral equipment from being damaged;
  • Intellectual user-defined menu programming mode facilitates operation.
  • Short circuit protection on all the output circuit of switch power.
  • IGBT production, output phase-to-phase production, output phase grounding protection, input/output phase failure protection, etc.
  • Perfect environmental adaptability.
  • Powerful Electromagnetic Compatibility enables this inverter to fully meet the standard of IEC61800-3.
  • The design meets safety and regulatory requirements of IEC61800-5-1.




IIt allows to jump between the programming lines and visualization lines. It also offers access to escape from one part of menu to the previous level.


It is to confirm and memorize the parameter settings.


It allows shift of parameters to be displayed on the keypad. It also allows access to different parameters groups and sub-groups.

It allows upward movement through the parameters groups. It also allows the increase of parameters values.

To define the mode, parameter and settings.


It allows the inverter enters the JOG control mode. It also allows switch of the inverter’s running directions.


To start the inverter from the keypad when the control has been set as local control.


To stop the inverter from the keypad when the control has been set as local control. In case of tripping, this key can be used to reset the inverter, if local control is enabled.

WIN-V60 control signal wiring diagram

Terminal functions

Control terminal function discription




Function Description



Communication interface

The positive pole of 485 differential signal


The negative pole of 485 differential signal

Analog Input


Analog input 1

Input voltage signal0~10V;
Input impedance: 30kΩ


Analog input 2

Input voltage signal: 0~10V  (input impedance: 30kΩ)
Input current signal: 0~20mA (input impedance: 500Ω)

Analog Output


Analog output 1

Programmable output,
Output voltage/current signal

Power Source


10V power supply

Reference power source for analog input (10V),
the max output current is 5mA


24Vpower supply

Reference power source for digital input (24V),
the max output current is 200mA

Digital input


Digital input 1~3

Effective at low level
range of input voltage:9~30 VDC
X2 input impedance:4.7 kΩ
X3 input impedance:1.6 kΩ
X3 can be selected to be high-speed pulse input. Max. frequency is 50KHz.

Frequency output


Frequency output

Programmable optically-coupled isolation pulse frequency output,24V DC/50mA
Max. freq.:50KHz

Relay Output


Relay contact output

Programmable output, contact capacity:250VAC /3A or 30VDC/1A RC1-RB1: normally closed, RC1-RA1: normally open



Rated voltage and frequency

Single/ 3 phase,200V~240V,50Hz/60Hz;
3 phase,380V~440V,50Hz/60Hz

Allowed fluctuation value

Voltage fluctuation is within ±10%;
Voltage imbalance rate<3%;
Frequency fluctuation is within ±5%

Output voltage

Three phase: 0~220V; 3 phase: 0~380V

Output frequency



150% of rated current for 2 minutes,180% of rated current for 10s

Control mode

Flux vector control; V/F control..

Run command source

Keypad; terminal; host PC via serial port, etc

Speed source

Keypad; analog reference; serial port, etc

Speed source precision

Digital source: ±0.01%(10~40);
Analog source: ±0.05%(25

Speed source resolution

Digital source: 0.01Hz;
Analog source: 1/2000 of max. frequency

speed control precision

flux vector control: ±0.5% (25±10)

Speed control range

flux vector control: 1: 100

Torque control response

flux vector control: < 200ms

Starting torque

flux vector control: 180% of rated  torque/0.5Hz

Torque control precision


Reference voltage supply output

1 port,+10V/5mA

Control voltage supply output


Analog input

2 ports,AI1 voltage 0~10V,
AI2 voltage/current 0~10V /0~20mA DC,

Analog meter output

2 ports,0~10V/0~20mA DC,current & voltage for option

Run command input

2 ports, FWD: forward operation; REV: reverse operation

Programmable contact input

X1~X3 3 ports of programmable digital signal input terminals. X3 can receive high speed pulse signal

DO frequency signal output

1 port, high frequency signal output (programmable)

Programmable relay output

1 port RA/RB/RC,capacity of contact: 250V AC /3A or 30V DC /1A

Serial port

RS-485 port, 485+,485-

4-digit LED display

It displays reference frequency, output frequency, output voltage, output current, motor speed, output torque, switching value terminal, fault code, etc.

Indication lamp

Unit of parameter,  status of RUN/STOP, Charging indicatior

Ambient temperature

-10~+40,air temperature fluctuation is less than 0.5/Min;
An Inverter with increased capacity shall be used for environment temperature of 40
or above. The derating value of the output current of the inverter shall be 2% for each degree centigrade above 40.  Max. allowed temperature is 50


Less than 95%RH, non-condensing


Less than 5.9 m/s2 (0.6g)

Storage temperature




Cooling mode

Forced air cooling (0.4KW or below model is of natural cooling mode)