General Mechanical Energy-saving System

WIN-PSS-P/G Blower, Pump / General energy-saving system

Power range

Voltage : 380V  Single-unit power : WIN-PSS-P 18 ~ 1000kW / WIN-PSS-G 1.5 ~ 1000kW

Application area

PSS-P series is the special energy-saving system for air compressor. PSS-G Series is suitable for the fluctuant torque load of conveyor belt and ball mill.

Main feature

It is a kind of energy-saving system designed for the automatic control of speed-adjustable blower and pump in variable industry. Based on changing the motor’s frequency adopting PID regulating theory, it was developed to satisfy the operating requirement of the production line by achieving the energy saving effect. Considering the reliability, it was designed with the switch for inverted power supply and mains supply.

WIN-PSS_G General mechanical energy-saving system is designed for the speed-adjustable equipment which has room of saving electricity. It is more applicable for the load of varying torque.

The above system has already been put into use in mine, metallurgy, oil, chemistry, cement, ceramic, foods and etc.