Energy- Feedback And Four - Quadrants Inverter

WIN-9E Energy Feedback 4-quadrants frequency inverter

Power range

Voltage : 380V  Single-unit power : 18~75kW

Application area

This series of products has been extensively used for electric pulling in oil field and mine.

Main feature

  • Adopt AC motor VVVF (Variable voltage variable frequency) technique to carry out stateless speed adjusting control in oil extractor. The units’ stroke frequency and up/down speed can be adjusted freely. High power factor and high efficiency are achieved.
  • Double PWM sine wave pulse width modulation control wills feedback the power generated in the down stroke of oil extractor to power network. Energy saving result is more ideal and the motor’s renewable energy is feedback by filter and this avoids s network pollution.
  • Adopt no touch point switches inside, Protect level reaches to IP50, anti-humidity, anti-corrode, suitable for outdoor tough environment.
  • Complete protect and diagnose function, user friendly design, more parameters to be